The big blessings at the beginning of life, the small blessings in a hurry, the new blessings every time the candle is lit, the old blessings every time the candle is blown out, happy birthday, and you will always be happy.

A friend is the love that can't finish reading, the meaning that can't finish writing, it's a book that never gets tired of, and a song that never gets tired of listening. The friendship between you and me is cherished in dreams and kept in my heart. Today is your birthday again, I wish you a happy birthday and all the best.

Let the text message give you my blessing words, the deep affection is in this sincere heart, may your birthday be filled with infinite happiness, may your memories of tomorrow be warm, and may your dreams come true in the new year !

Play the beautiful melody, let the joyful mood fly; open the birthday gift and embark on a happy road; cut the sweet cake and throw into the warm embrace; blow out the birthday candles and make good wishes. Wish: Happy birthday!

The soft wind entangles my deep thoughts and turns it into a real blessing, fluttering and fluttering, gently falling by your side, you have to listen to the sound of the wind quietly, and feel the comfort with your heart. It is me I wish you a happy birthday.

Let my blessing pass through the telephone poles in the streets, across the rapids of the Yangtze River, step on the blue bricks of the Great Wall, climb the mighty Himalayas, and shout in your direction: Happy birthday!

Blessings are always sentimental, Fuda Wuzhou World will be fixed, endless birthday celebration, peace cake order every day. Cut the joys and sorrows quickly, a lot of joys and joys, I wish you a happy birthday, and you fall asleep happily.

You know, I'm very poor, but I can't help but show it on my birthday! So I searched my whole body and found something, his name is Blessing. I installed her in my phone and sent it to you quietly, letting her surround you and make you happy all your life.

Today is your birthday. Although there is no five-star hotel for you, there are three-star blessings to greet you. Fortune stars illuminate your future, Luxing brings you good luck, and birthday stars bless your health, friends, happy birthday .

Spring, summer, autumn and winter flow because of today, day and night change because of today, the sun, moon and stars are bright because of today, and the blessings are only because of today. Angels are born in the world. Let me wish with my heart: Happy birthday!