In addition to giving him a birthday present on his boyfriend’s birthday, if he sends a warm greeting that day, he will be very happy; he can wake up in the morning and quietly whisper a blessing when he is still drowsy, or through text messages or small messages. The form of a note will bless him. Maybe you are not in the same city, maybe you haven't seen each other for a long time, and everyone is busy with work. A word and a text message convey your sincerity to him.

Dear: On this special day, I can only miss you silently and love you with my heart. I want to tell you: I will always love you, everything about you affects me.

Dear: I bless you every day in my life, because I am thinking of you all the time in my life! I sincerely wish you a happy birthday!

With you today, the world will be more exciting; with you tonight, the stars will be brighter; with you in this life, the world will be warmer. happy Birthday!

Today is your birthday. May all happiness, all happiness, all warmth and all good luck surround you. happy Birthday!

At this moment, I have my deepest thoughts. Let the cloud take away the blessings and embellish your sweet dreams, and wish you a warm and romantic birthday!