My friend, I remember your birthday is today. Happy you please accept my wishes, I don’t need any thanks. Happiness is our common wish, happiness allows us to chase tirelessly all day. Birthday is another new starting point. When I look back, I feel that I am no longer a teenager. When I am mature, I sometimes chew romance in my heart, thinking that I should take a break and there is still a long way to go. I wish you a happy birthday, my heart is very sweet, although the world is changing every day, but my wish must stay with you today. You have worked so hard for me to live every day. My blessing is so pitiful. You can accept it happily and understand me. To continue to be happy tomorrow is the key to life. I believe you will have a brighter world!

My blessings are so true, and my longings are so deep, all because of you, all because of this hour, to send you the two most emotional words: happy birthday.

On your birthday, I wish you good luck, sincere wishes, long-lost comfort, unexpected surprises, warm happiness and permanent friendship. I wish you a happy life and happy birthday!

Sing the birthday song gently, send out the birthday gift gently, with a faint smile on your face, and long blessings in your heart. At this moment, happy birthday is the only thing! Happy birthday to you!